Hitachi Couple Attend Memorial

Back on May 29, Prince Masahito and Princess Hanako of Hitachi attended a Memorial Service for the Unknown War Dead at Chidorigafuchi National Cemetery in Tokyo. Princess Hanako topped her grey dress with an interesting hat I wish we could inspect closer- the base appears to be black straw with a slightly domed crown, flat brim and bow around the back. A white (or pale grey) wrap around the base of the crown seems to extend onto the brim (instead of hugging the crown as a hatband does) and is further topped with a web of what I think might be grey lace. This gossamer changes the shape the hat appears to be from afar and adds such an air of mystery.

Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
We’ll likely have to save our final thoughts on this hat until we can see it better but for now, what do you think of this first glimpse? 

4 thoughts on “Hitachi Couple Attend Memorial

  1. It’s her go-to hat shape, but from this distance it looks like a winner. An up-close shot would help determine if the details make or break this hat.

  2. From what we can see, I like it! It goes well with her outfit tying the gray dress and black shoes together. Also it is slightly different from the norm without being outlandish.

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