Ready For Ascot

The fun starts tomorrow, dearest readers!

I plan to cover every royal hat seen at the races again this year, including the hats worn by the men! In an effort to streamline this year’s Ascot coverage, I have invited a number of milliners to join in our conversation – you’ll see their contribution in the comments instead of the main body of the post. My hope is that this revised format will facilitate more interactive discussion about each piece and allow hardworking milliners to participate at their leisure, without more deadlines (after all, this is their busiest season of the year!). So while you can expect to see posts up earlier in the day this year, you might want to check back on earlier posts to catch up on and add to discussion on each hat.

To get us all in full Ascot spirit, pour yourself a glass of bubbly and read through this wonderful interview Savile Row tailors The Huntsmen recently conducted with seventh-generation milliner Roger Stephenson, Deputy Chairman of Lock & Co. I also highly recommend this series of posts written last year by our very own ChicagoChuck, detailing his experience attending Ascot several times.

Preparing for Ascot: Explaining the Magic
Preparing for Ascot: Gaining Entrance & Royal Watching
Preparing for Ascot: The Royal Enclosure
Preparing for Ascot: What To Wear
Buying An Ascot Hat

I think we’re all set for the start of the races tomorrow. I’ve heard predictions from some of you for the Queen’s first hat to be pink, yellow or white… I’m leaning toward yellow or pink.


16 thoughts on “Ready For Ascot

  1. I SO enjoyed the article from Lock and Co. on men’s top hats. I’ve been closely examining the hi-def photos I’ve seen so far, and it has been interesting. I would give the best hat prize to the Earl of Wessex – antique silk, buffed to a dazzling shine, and a perfect fit. Duke of York’s is equally good, and Mike Tindall has gotten himself an antique hat. The Duke of Cambridge’s is not silk, and – although not as noticeable as last year – still seems a shade too big. In a photo of him with his father-in-law Mike Middleton, the crown on William’s hat was proportionally much taller than Mike’s. Are there standard proportions, or is crown height a matter of personal preference? William certainly doesn’t need to embellish his height!

  2. So exciting that there will be milliners commenting on your posts! I really loved it the last time you arranged that for Ascot – thanks so much for setting it up for 2017. Can’t wait to find out who they are and what they think — must go at once to the bottle shop and stock up on champers!
    BTW, I couldn’t get the link to the Roger Stephenson interview to work, but I did find this interesting/different? article published 6.6.2017: .

    • mcncln:
      Thank you very much for the great article on Lock Hatters. It made for great reading this morning with my first cup!
      FIFTY YEARS AGO TODAY (June 20, 1967) a delightful little video 3 minute was put together for the Royal Ascot. HM is shown at :42 and 1:40, wearing the green hat below. We’re off to the races, hat lovers!

        • That woman could certainly pass for Audrey Hepburn, with the loooong neck, but I don’t think she is quite as elegant as our ‘Liza Doolittle!
          Great music, BTW, from “My Fair Lady,” accompanying the video. Mitten Mary, isn’t there always some older, NON-royal woman at the Royal Ascot every year, with the most abso-bloomin’ lutely outrageous head gear on? (Notice, I didn’t say “hat!”)

    • Thank you, mcncin, that article was sooo interesting: history, old London, old architecture, and the new, boho trendy/old fashioned hats that come out of it. I saw a boater Princess Bea could wear, and a flower bedecked turban that’s not bad.

  3. I’m personally pulling for purple for HM on either opening day or Ladies’ Day.

    Looking forward to celebrating Hat Christmas with everyone on here. Can’t wait for all the hats and commentary (good and bad haha)!

  4. Looking forward to Hat Christmas!

    My bet for the Queen’s colours during Ascot are blue, yellow, pink and purple.

  5. I found the most unusual, (and new to me) June 19, 2002 Royal Ascot hat worn 15 years ago today by everyone’s favorite hat wearer. Enjoy the memory!
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images

    • I love this hat….er…I love the color blocking and that shade of blue. So fresh looking. Can’t say the hat shape is one of my favorites, but I completely understand HM’s philosophy of hat wearing.

      • I’m with you on the color blocking and the blue, Deb W. Too bad about the shape.

        Thanks for posting the photo, Jimbo!

  6. Very nice of the miliners to take the time to add their comments (and for you, Hat Queen, to take the time to invite them). It must all take some organization.
    The Queen may surprise us all and join the white/ecru hat wearers!

    • Milliners have always been extremely gracious to me and you’re right- taking time to be part of our conversation during a very, VERY busy time is quite amazing. In the end, they all seem to love hats as much as the rest of us and are excited to chat about them!

      • Many, many thanks to you HatQueen for arranging all this fabulous coverage. I daresay the milliners recognise your expertise and love of hats so are just as appreciative of your efforts as you are of theirs.

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