Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: Dubai Royals

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats Princess Haya bint Hussein attended the first day of Royal Ascot today with her daughter, Sheikha Jalila, both in eye catching hats. Princess Haya’s white picture hat with flat crown and wide, mushroom brim is trimmed with the same navy lace that adorns her dress and a dark blue silk hatband.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Designer: unconfirmed
Previously Worn: this hat is new
Sheikha Jalila made her Ascot debut in a hat described by the designer as a “Straw teardrop percher, trimmed with abaca silk bow with petersham ribbon edging”. While the hat photographs here as navy (thanks to bright sunshine at the races this year!), I believe it is actually black. Her father, Sheikh Mohammad, repeated his black silk top hat.
Embed from Getty ImagesPrincess Haya and Sheikha Jalila in Juliette Botterill, June 20, 2017 | Royal Hats
Designer: Juliette Botterill. It is the Black & White Bow Teardrop from SS 2017
Previously Worn: this hat is new
Photos from Getty as indicated; John Walton/PA Images via Getty

26 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: Dubai Royals

  1. Princess Haya is always my “one to watch” at Royal Ascot. She always brings 100% and her hats never disappoint. My first sighting of this hat left me underwhelmed but when I took in her complete outfit I was thrilled. Her attention to detail is once again on view and there is no doubt that she aims to pass that on to her daughter, Sheikha Jalila as she looks flawless and age appropriate at her Ascot debut.

    • There has been a lot of criticism for this dress but I adore it on her. The hat might not be as over the top as she often wears but it makes such a beautiful pairing for the dress.

      • in the process of catching up, would you mind providing me with a link for the discussion about sheika haya? would be highly appreciated.

        she wore less flattering attires in recent years, IIRC, and i like this combo of dress avec matching headgear a lot on her. but then, with white and navy being 2 of my personal favourite colours, i am a wee bit biased, maybe.

        despite the horizontal and rather wide ‘ribbons of lace’ the dress looks well-balanced on her womanly curves (she will never look like a catwalk model!), and the hat repeating the ‘busy’ lace appears to outbalance the frock perfectly. i believe the classic colour combo is the main factor here, in vibrant colours the entire ensemble would simply have been ‘too much of a good thing’. the simple earrings being her only accessories are another good choice.

  2. Princess Haya looks wonderful. She always seems to put a lot of thought into her entire outfit, and I feel this hat and dress ensemble is eyecatching and creative, as I feel all racewear should be. The fashion world has seen a superabundance of lace in recent years – but just when I think that designers and milliners have run out of lace ideas, we see this! the milliner has done a great job in creating a hat to match the dress – though I agree with Katie Vale and HQ that a matte headband would be better. I LOVE the way the lace is still visible through the underside of the brim.
    Sheikha Jalila carried herself with dignity and with credit to her family. Her percher is a perfect shape and size for a girl her age. My only quibble would be the sailor tie on her dress – which I feel should have been left off – and the white stripes on the hat, which combined with the black?navy are creating too high a contrast for Jalila’s colouring. The result is that the viewers’s eyes see the stripes first instead of Jalila’s face – especially since she is not wearing any makeup. Note that Princess Haya’s lace “stripes” are not nearly so dominating. If Jalila’s white stripes were half the thickness, that would lessen their impact and soften the contrast, and make the hat a more flattering choice for this particular wearer.

  3. Haya rarely disappoints and today is no exception, she is my winner for the day! You can never go wrong with navy and white! Sheika Jalila looks adorable! She must be so excited to be old enough to attend Ascot with her parents. I like the coordination with Mom too.

  4. Pretty as a picture … both of them. Nice to see Sheikha Jalila attending. And I too think her outfit is more likely to be navy to tie in with her mother’s and to complement the ‘sailor suit’ look of the neck tie – and although it’s a serious hat, it doesn’t look age inappropriate so well done. Princess Haya is gorgeous, as always!

  5. I like the hat, the dress and the entire combination. It is rather much, but it’s only two colors, no extra frills. I think Princess Haya looks spectacular.

  6. My feelings are the same as some others; the hat is fetching, but too much repetition in the dress. Her daughter looks charming.

  7. Smiles all around for this family today. The Sheikh’s team won 3 of the 6 races – amazing! One note about the Princess’s hat – I saw the same hat on someone else. Yikes!

  8. I love the pil box that Sheikha Jalila is wearing. And whilst I like the hat Princess Haya has, something didn’t seem right…..then I looked a bit closer….over the top of the lace on the crown is a row of Royal Blue satin ribbon. I think that cheapens the hat sadly.

    • Katie- that’s not a pillbox! Jalila’s hat is a teardrop percher!

      I agree, however, that the choice of a satin hatband for Haya’s hat isn’t completely successful.

  9. I like the use of lace on the hat. Since the stripes are narrower than they are on the dress, the look reads harmonious rather than overly matched to me. The proportion on the brim is just right to balance out the full skirt. Haya’s Ascot hats are always highlights.

    Wonderful look for Sheika Jalila! I hope she is in navy, not black, for a sophisticated mother-daughter look.

  10. I always love Princess Haya’s looks, but what caught my attention in these pictures were Sheikh Zayed in his tiny morning dress and oversized top hat!

  11. Love Princess Haya! I like the hat very much, and the dress suits the occasion perfectly. How wonderful that her daughter has accompanied her! They look adorable together. Full marks!

  12. I love the hat and she looks fabulous. I had no idea her daughter was as old as she is – I always think of her as much younger, She looks good too, and I look forward to seeing her choices in the years to come.

  13. Love the hat, love the dress, love the lipstick. Haya looks fantstic. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    That hat on her daughter is ADORABLE.

  14. Love this hat for Haya! It is more sedate than what we usually see her wear, but she pulls it off very well. What I’m not as thrilled about is the matching navy lace on the dress; it makes the hat less special IMO. A more plain navy dress or just a simple white and navy wide stripe dress would’ve helped this hat stand out more.

    Jalila makes her premiere at Ascot look so effortless! She looks great in this cocktail hat, but are we surprised after so many fabulous hats worn by her mother?

  15. I have been waiting for her photos to come through, and …LOVE!! I rarely dislike Princess Haya aesthetic, though, so no surprise.. I love the simple elegance of this hat, and in fact, the entire ensemble. The lace manages to not be frou-frou at all. The color is exquisite, especially in the afternoon sun.

    • My thoughts too the first photo which is just a head and shoulders shot showing the hat is spectacular, but the overall look is to matchy matchy – my first thought was zebra stripes!! I think this beautiful hat would ook better styled with either a plain navy or white dress.

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