Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: Wrap Up

Royal Ascot | Royal Hats Every year at the races, we see a numerous members of the British aristocracy we don’t usually follow here on the blog. Leading this group today are Baron and Baroness Fellowes- Robert was Queen Elizabeth’s private secretary for nine years and his wife Jane, is an elder sister of the late Princess of Wales. The couple rode in the royal carriage procession today with Peter and Autumn Philips; Jane wore a white lampshade hat with wide navy brim binding, navy ruched hatband and bow at the front while Robert wore a gleaming silk top hat.

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Lady Laura Cathcart wore a large cream disc hat trimmed with huge silk blooms on the top and underbrim of the hat and slim, curling feather quills (likely her own design). Lady Alice Manners (daughter of the Duke of Rutland) wore a coral pink vertical straw saucer hat by Philip Treacy with domed centre, trimmed with silk roses and straw twists.

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The Duchess of Cambridge’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton were also photographed in the royal enclosure. Carol’s hat was the biggest surprise of the day for me- it’s the same pale blue, silk-rimmed straw saucer with ruffle trim that Carole wore to the Cambridge’s wedding in 2011. I can only imagine Michael’s black top hat was worn at the wedding as well.

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Designer: Jane Corbett
Previously Worn: April 29, 2011

I’m going to wrap up each day with a “Nod to Milliners”- my favourite hat that day worn by the person who created it. Today, it was Lisa Tan in this white veiled pillbox. Such a light and lovely ensemble for a hot summer’s day at the races.

I think that wraps up Day 1 of Royal Ascot 2017- see you all again tomorrow!

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14 thoughts on “Royal Ascot 2017 Day 1: Wrap Up

  1. Carole Middleton is a perfect example of someone wanting to re-wear a hat. The different hairstyle make it look different as well some how. Also a very simple and elegant dress.

    I am glad Ascot gives us the chance to see so many people. Lady Alice looks is a beautiful young lady her hat while worn at a sharp angle is pretty and goes well with her dress. Lady Jane’s hat does look like it sits too far down to see well from it but it is good to see her out and about with the royals.

    Lisa Tan’s entire outfit is stunning.

  2. I agree very happy to see this hat again and I think it is paired beautifully with this pretty summery dress, I particularly I like the unusual shaped wide neckline of the dress and think it complements the shape of the hat very well. Best repeated hat for the month!?

  3. Love Carol Middleton’s outfit! The up-do does improve the look with the hat. And I love the dress! It is so simple and elegant!

    Lisa Tan looks incredibly well put together. If I ever get to London I want to visit her shop and get her advice on hat-dress-shoe pairings!!

  4. Great repeat for Carole Middleton, and I like this hat better with the chignon.

    Wonderful look for Lisa Tan! I don’t think I’ve heard this name. Have her creations graced any royal heads yet?

  5. It’s hard to give a truly justified opinion based on this one photo, but I think Jane Fellowes hat looks kinda dowdy, and it sits far too low over her face. Laura Cathcart’s hat seems to be too flat; I think at a higher angle would be much more flattering.

    Very excited to see Carole’s hat back out again over 6 years later! It was and is a lovely hat and I’m glad it gets another outing.

  6. Hat Queen I think Michael Middleton’s top hat is different than the one he “wore” to William and Catherine’s wedding. The wedding hat was obviously a felt hat whereas this one has the shine of a silk hat. I wonder if he splurged for a silk topper after they began more regularly attending events with the royal family?

  7. Crazy Daisies, scallop hem, slingbacks, pillbox…. Lisa Tan’s outfit embodies much that I love about about early 60’s fashion. She does indeed look ready for the heat. Great find, HQ!

  8. Liked seeing Mrs M’s lovely hat again, and this pairing was a good one too – at first I though it was the dress under the coat worn at the wedding, but it’s too long. She looks so good for her age!

  9. I still love Carole Middleton’s hat – but not paired with this dress which seems to be far too long and a tad too loose.

    I love Lisa Tan’s outfit – everything just works together perfectly – the dress, hat, shoes and bag – it’s so well thought out. I’m giving her ‘best in show’ for the first day and I have a hunch she may win it for me for the rest of the week.

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