Day 3 of Dutch State Visit to Italy

King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima continued their tour of Italy back in Rome today, where the day’s events required the most contrasting of dress codes I can remember in a long time. The couple began the morning with a visit to the Vatican, where Queen Máxima predictably donned a lace veil for their audience with the Pope.

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For afternoon events in Milan, Máxima changed into something…um… less formal and tucked large red silk poppies in her hair. With red tassel earrings, costume jewellery and platform shoes, it’s a LOT of look (something I say often where Máxima is concerned) and while I absolutely love her for it, the ensemble reads more Spanish flamenco than Italian chic.

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Designer:unknown. Dress by Lisa Marie Fernandez

An interesting side note about this headpiece- back on March 19, 2003, during a visit to Chile, Máxima wore this picture hat with large silk poppies.  I think it’s safe to conclude the flowers no longer reside on this hat.

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Previously Worn: March 19, 2003
Like I said- I wouldn’t have believed these two dress codes could fit in the same day had I not seen it.The flowers are really quite striking tucked around Máxima’s chignon- maybe a millinery idea that warrants more experimentation? It could be a preferable alternative to her open crowned hats.
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17 thoughts on “Day 3 of Dutch State Visit to Italy

  1. In the picture of her with her back to the camera walking towards the car she looks as if she’s dancing a flamenco! She’s worn some odd get-ups to engagements and this casual one would be one of them – the shoes are an odd mis-match with the dress and the whole outfit is a mismatch for a state visit.

  2. Interesting that Max went with the full length black and veil for the Vatican visit, as Pope Francis has said he doesn’t care what people wear. But I imagine some ideas die hard for a girl brought up Catholic 😀 She looks lovely and the pearl earrings were a good choice. That suit looks great on Wax.

    The sundress seems like it would be a better choice for their summer holidays in Greece or back in Argentina when they visit her family. The tassel earrings compete with the poppies and WHY does she need gloves with a sundress and leather ones at that. Having said that, the poppies are fun. I liked the red hat, wouldn’t mind seeing that again at some point with a more updated 2017 trim.

  3. Just no to those tassel earrings!!! I did not like them on the DoC for an evening engagement. They actually seem to match the style of this dress, but I am not a fan. I agree that this sundress is too casual for the occasion, not only compared to W-A, but to everyone else. What’s this about her being bra-less? Has nobody heard of a strapless bra?

  4. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen rickrack! I think the poppies are actually the best part of this look. She just needs to change everything else.

    Unlike HatQueen, I am surprised by the veil as I’d understood that Pope Francis does not expect adherence to the formal dress code of years past. These two Argentines must have had fun visiting.

  5. I don’t hate it and actively like the poppies. Would be better without the earrings and orange cuff. Sure, it’s relaxed but it looks cool and is clearly a ‘smart’ sun dress. Dunno, maybe. Perhaps a (small) part of the problem is the big contrast between her and WA in his heavy suit.

  6. Lovely in the veil for the visit to the Pope.
    The sun dress just doesn’t strike me as appropriate for the next occasion, but the poppies tucked in her chignon are delightful (without the distracting earrings!)

  7. Love the poppies. The straps on the dress are too long. It needs to come up some if she’s going braless. At least that looks to be the case. A pretty pair of red shoes would have been nice.

    • Strangely enough , she DID wear a pair of red shoes with this outfit for part of the day. I don’t know why she changed shoes..

  8. I love the poppies in her hair because I did the same thing (albeit with yellow orchids) at my wedding 13 years ago. Exact same style!
    It’s a timeless look and she looks amazing, as always.

  9. She looks fab in that sundress, I’m just not sure about it for this engagement. And the poppies are fun, just not with the dress.

    I LOVE that profile picture of her in the veil; what an amazing shot.

  10. Máxima’s veil looked beautiful on her for the visit to the Vatican. I’ve always appreciated the fact she was not forced to convert from her Roman Catholicism when she married Willem-Alexander, and I imagine these visits are special for her.

    I am rather surprised to see a royal in spaghetti straps while on official business; personally I think the dress isn’t formal enough for a state visit, but would be good on more relaxed occasions. The floral headpiece is a lot of fun though!

    Also, Willem-Alexander’s shoes! His look was very well-tailored and I love it; he should get a nice panama fedora!

    • A panama fedora would be great for so many of royal gentlemen for sun protection as well as panache Think of the hours they spend at outdoor summer events.

  11. I see this dress more suitable for a holiday to the seaside, than for a city event like this! I usually like Maxima choices but I don’t like this one. It’s far from Italian style and chic!

  12. Goodgollymissmolly…. The USA designer of this maxi-dress, Lisa Marie Fernandez, says that her resortwear is designed to “look really chic in the city”– and Maxima clearly agrees.
    Aah, um, so what are we talking about today? strapless undergarments?oh … yes, the poppy headpiece. Indeed, flowers in the chignon are a very chic look for Maxima, especially when accessorised as we see here with Maxima’s usual flair for colour. And I like any headpiece that gives Maxima stylish ways to wear her hair up, rather than down….so yes, an excellent innovation.

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