Dutch Monarchs Visit Northeast Flevoland

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima were in Northeast Flevoland today, where they visited community, agricultural, energy, and maritime enterprises in  Urk, Nagele and Dronten. For these visits, Queen Máxima repeated the skirt, tunic and sweater we saw her wear for Koningsdag last year but topped them with a hat not seen since 2008.

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This hat, in bright pink textured fabric with exposed eyelash treads, follows a simple, modified pillbox shape (the bottom of the hat is flared slightly from the top) that Máxima placed back, off her face. The texture makes it a slightly offbeat piece but its match with the tunic is so spot-on that it works.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: April 30, 2008
Máxima often chooses brimless hats when she makes regional visits such as this one (presumably to see and been seen without the obstruction of a brim) and this one is a great choice for this outfit. Thoughts about this hat’s return to work today after nine years?
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11 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Visit Northeast Flevoland

  1. I also like this hat! It’s fun and matches her top perfectly. I love the nubby texture and the hat placement as well and don’t really mind that she’s got her hair pinned up and tucked under the hat. Now those earrings are another story! Ugly.. I agree with others that a nice pearl and diamond stud would have looked much better. I do hope that this pink hat comes out to play again sooner than later.

  2. Overall I really like this, and am surprised it took so long for this hat to reappear! My only real complaint is I don’t like her hairstyle this time; I think this hat looked much better with her hair down. I have some other suggestions of hats of Máxima’s that could make an appearance after many years of hiding. 😉

  3. Very nice!
    The lilac hat from last year is also lovely; but of the two I prefer today’s pillbox (though the earrings do look like plastic!) because the overall look is more simple.
    One quibble; I don’t mind pillboxes this small, and this cap-like in shape, but I think this uncomplicated hat is best shown off with an eye-catching hairstyle – as Max has already demonstrated with her other pillboxes. For me today’s hat-plus-hair combo is lacking side- and rear-view interest.

  4. Much prefer this pairing to the last hat. She looks fab. She’s like Princess Anne with her recycling isn’t she. 13 years is no mean feat. She (or her dresser) have a great eye (and memory) for what she has and goes together. And we’ll done to you for spotting that this was a repeat!

  5. The hat from 2003 goes perfectly with the skirt and top. There is enough hair between hat and earrings, that I don’t mind the earrings either!

  6. Other than the earrings, this outfit paired with the hat is outstanding! I’d have loved a simple large pearl stud.

  7. I open the Maxima postings with trepidation and the hat needs to be donated – once again it’s all too much with the earrings. Last years outfit looked much better especially when worn with the the cardigan

  8. I like this outfit. Great color too. And I think it looks better with this hat than the one on Koningsdag. I find it funny that in some pictures the color of the hat matches her top perfectly, yet in others it looks more like purple or something.

    Other earrings, in a color that picks up one of the colors from the skirt, to balance the bright, pink would have made it perfect for me.

  9. I think she looks smashing! I adore the bright color on Max. It suits her personality. And best of it, it’s not green.

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