Top Repeated Royal Hat: Ascot 2017

Ascot week is the busiest and most interesting week of royal hats on the annual royal calendar and this year was no different! While most of the hats we see at the races are worn by British royals and are new designs, there are always a few repeats that catch the eye. Five repeated royal hats worn to Royal Ascot this year, based on your comments, stood out as particularly memorable. It’s these five hats that we face off now to find a single winner to put forward as a finalist for Favourite Repeated Royal Hat of 2016.

Please click on each hat to link back to original feature posts with additional views, information and lots of discussion! Here are these five hats:
1.Queen Elizabeeth, June 20, 2017 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats    2.Princess Michael of Kent, June 20, 2017 in John Boyd | Royal Hats
Queen Elizabeth’s lime green upsweep with flower by Rachel Trevor Morgan worn Day 1
Princess Michael of Kent’s white straw John Boyd picture hat with feather boa worn Day 1
3.Duchess of Cornwall, June 21, 2017 in Philip Treacy | Royal Hats   4. Princess Michael of Kent, June 20, 2017 | Royal Hats
Duchess of Cornwall’s pale blue upsweep with large rose by Philip Treacy worn on Day 2
Princess Michael of Kent’s cream picture hat with bordered brim and square crown worn on Day 2 
5. Princess Annet, June 20, 2017 | Royal Hats
Princess Anne’s cream upsweep with feathers worn on Day 1
The poll will remain open until Tuesday, July 11 at midnight GMT and and each computer or mobile device can vote twice per day for as many hats as you wish. Results will remain hidden until the poll closes. Happy voting!

3 thoughts on “Top Repeated Royal Hat: Ascot 2017

  1. IMO Princess Michael wins this by a mile. I love both her repeats, but especially the one that makes her look like she’s glowing. I love seeing her out, she’s my favorite of the extended family group (in my brain that means the Kents and the Gloucesters), although I love seeing Princess Alexandra as well.

  2. Picture hats with a profusion of feathers can be beautiful, but this one with the feather boa just looks like a pirate hat. The execution is no the most harmonious.

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