Queen And Duke Host Holyrood Garden Party

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh hosted a garden party today at the Palace of Holyroodhouse. To oversee the 27,000 cups of tea and 20,000 sandwiches served at the event, the Queen donned a new hat.

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In soft pink straw, the design features an upturned straw brim and square crown covered in the same bouclé as her accompanying coat. Pale pink silk magnolia blooms and pink feathers nestled inside the brim complete the piece. It’s a pretty hat that I think would have been much improved if the whole thing had been fashioned in straw.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: this hat is new
The Duke looked to be in far better shape than his top hat, which is showing wear at the centre front, beneath the hatband. The Duke of York also attended, in his black silk top hat.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was also in attendance, sporting a sharp navy button base cocktail hat with flower, feather and large looped bow trim.
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I await your thoughts on these hats!
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22 thoughts on “Queen And Duke Host Holyrood Garden Party

  1. I love all the hats shown here, boucle tweed in soft shades is a weakness of mine so i adore that one!

  2. The coat ends up looking washed out when next to the more aggressive chunks of pink. Nice to see the royal party looking so engaged.

  3. HM always looks great in pink, but this coat looks more like a fuzzy bathrobe. The Duke looks like he is feeling much better! Glad to see him up and about!

  4. I agree that the hat would have been better all in straw. The boucle looks too heavy for a hat even if the brim were covered in it as well. I don’t love the giant hibiscus either. But HM looks her happy self and probably doesn’t care what I think in the least 😀 Nicola Sturgeon looks stellar. The DoE is his usual classy self. I am a fan of his ties. What can be done to repair a silk top hat? Is there anyone who can repair them? DoY looks his usual but still good. Can any gents weigh in on the issue of where to put the tie pin? I notice that Andrew has it placed quite high with a loop (for lack of a better word). Chaz often wears his like this also. But the DoE has his placed lower and his tie lays flat. Is it just personal preference? Calls back to the cravat? Or perhaps I just study these photos too much….

  5. The queen: that pink is too pale, and the hat does not look well in matching bouclé–yes, entirely straw would have been an improvement. It is wonderful to see the Duke of Edinburgh on his feet and looking chipper (although I think previously unheard of to have an imperfection in his top hat). First Minister Sturgeon looks quite nicely put together, and appropriate to the occasion.

  6. I’m not crazy about the Queen’s hat/look, it’s lovely but not a favorite by any stretch. I love the First Minister’s whole look though, the hat and dress are great!

  7. I love the Queen in pink and these soft pastel sorbet colours work beautifully on her – the dress underneath is a particularly lovely shade of pink and everything works so well with her lipstick and brooch. I agree the hat should have been straw rather than mixed with the outfit and I wonder if the pink would have been better matched to the colour of the dress rather than the paler pink in the boucle coat. Looking at the Queen’s hats of the past few months I wonder if her milliners need to remeasure her head – they seem to be falling so low over her forehead.

  8. I love the pink, but this ensemble decided me on not liking matching fabric on the hat — so I agree with you that the whole hat should have been straw, especially when the fabric is something heavy like boucle.

  9. Firstly I’m surprised to see a new titfer for Holyrood week, it’s normally a run of repeats.

    I’m going back and forth on this. I think it’s a little bit too twee for me, I like the hat shape, trim and colour, but the pink brim, dress and buttons are a bit too sugary. And this triangular pockets are silly. It’s from the same block as the blue and white one we saw a couple of weeks back, as the back has that weird angular shape too. So a mixed result from me.

  10. Love love love this hat and outfit – right down to the rose brooch. The light-and-dark contrast created by the use of different pinks is a subtle way to add a little depth and focus to an otherwise uniformly pale ensemble. And all those different textures add richness and interest. Which is why I really like the use of the coat fabric together with the sinamay on the hat. An all-straw/sinamay hat would be fine too– but for me, it would be a less unique, more generic, choice.

  11. I know HM likes to match, but this hat is just too matchy-matchy. I don’t think this particular bouclé is flattering as hat material compared to others, and I agree a pure sinamay hat would’ve been a much better choice. I think the trim on this hat is excellent and different from what we normally see. The only other thing I would change would be the buttons on the coat; they should be a lighter pink, because the vibrant shade they are now is a bit too distracting for my tastes.

    The DoE looks very smart, especially in that tie. As for the hat, well, if it is perhaps almost as old as he is, then we can’t expect it to always look immaculate. Pretty standard stuff for Andrew.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s cocktail hat is a great one for her; it compliments her hairstyle and coordinates perfectly with her outfit without being matchy. Brava!

    • I understand that the ladies had brought along a handbag which once belonged to the Queen Mother. But how they came by it, I do not know!

  12. HM looks just super in her new ensemble – pink is definitely a perfect color for her!
    Philip has not been treating his hat with the utmost of respect – too many Ascots and garden parties?
    I think I see a flying squirrel on the gent behind the Duke of York!
    Bye for now, back to a second pool party! The first one ran low on Dubonnet!

  13. Pretty in pink! Yes, we could quibble about wool vs straw, but Her Majesty looks very nice and pulled together – a look she likes!
    Her husband and son look great, but I wonder what can be done with Prince Philip’s hat? Me, I’d take a black Sharpie to it!
    Ms Sturgeon looks quite nice in navy and white and I like her hat.

    I would love to know what those ladies were showing HM in that middle picture! They looked quite chuffed!

  14. The straw probably would look better, but the HM likes to play matchy, matchy with her hat and coat. I do like the pink and I like the brighter pink buttons on her coat. I think the navy hat with the white polka dot dress looked very nice together.

  15. Prince Philip look wonderful! But I didn’t like the coat fabric with the dress. The hat needed to be straw.

  16. Such a charming photo of the Queen chatting with the ladies! Everyone looks lovely, (Except possibly Prince Philip’s hat…..)

  17. 27,000 cups of tea and 20,000 sandwiches are beyond my ken! Nearly everyone seems to be having a good time and I like the hats — the Queen’s, Prince Philip’s, and Nicola Sturgeon’s.

  18. I liked both hats. Clearly the attendees were delighted to spend time with the royals. Pink is yet another great color for HM, but I have to agree that the straw might have been a better choice of material.

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