Top New Royal Hat: May 2017

While May saw a lot of repeated royal hats, there were a number of new designs that stood out to you, dearest readers, based on your comments, as particularly successful. Six hats, all worn by members of the British royal family, received particular praise and it is these six that we now place in competition.

Please click on each hat to jump back to its original feature post with additional views and information on the design. Here are your six finalists for favourite new royal hat worn in May, shown in the order they were worn:

1.Princess Anne, May 20, 2017 | Royal Hats    2.Duchess of Cambridge, May 20, 2017 in Jane Taylor | Royal Hats
Princess Anne`s cream straw hat with upswept brim and curling feathers worn May 20 in Scotland
Duchess of Cambridge’s dusty pink crin hat with rose and straw twists by Jane Taylor worn May 20
3.Lady Gabriella Windsor, May 20, 2017 in Philip Treacy | Royal Hats   4.Princess Eugenie, May 23, 2017 in Sarah Cant | Royal Hats
Lady Gabriella Windsor’s Philip Treacy cream straw hat with upswept brim, moulded crown and rose trim worn May 20
Princess Eugenie’s orange straw saucer hat by Sarah Cant worn to a May 23 garden party 
5.   6.Princess Anne, May 26, 2017 | Royal Hats
Princess Eugenie in a gold straw hat with inverted crin brim hat by Nerida Fraiman worn May 25
Princess Anne’s cream straw hat with sharp upswept brim, stacked hatband & feathers worn May 26
The poll will remain open until next Friday, July 28 at midnight GMT and and each computer or mobile device can vote twice per day for as many hats as you wish. Happy voting!

5 thoughts on “Top New Royal Hat: May 2017

  1. Duchess of Cambridge hands down for me. I thought she looked particularly beautiful that day, especially that lovely ethereal hat. Second……Lady Gabriella Windsor. She wears these large hats beautifully and has a lovely smile to boot.

  2. I never thought I would ever vote for anything that Princess Anne wore but I really think the cream hat looks lovely on her.

  3. It’s funny that the Princess Royal is standing in the same spot in the same room for both pictures! All that gold in the background blends in with the trim of her hats!

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