Queen and Duke Celebrate Canada

 Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Canada House in London this morning to mark the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. For this event, she repeated her cornflower blue straw hat trimmed with black and white feather flowers and blue straw bow loops.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

On each of its previous wearings, the hat has been worn with a matching cornflower blue coat but today, Her Majesty wore it with a shorter white jacket. Today’s pairing gives us a great view of the accompanying blue flowered silk dress (showing how well the hat and its trimmings coordinate) and places the hat as the focal point of the ensemble.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Interesting side note- during today’s visit, Canadian Governor General David Johnson presented this gift to Her Majesty.

Do you prefer this hat with its original blue coat or with the short white jacket we saw it paired with today?
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24 thoughts on “Queen and Duke Celebrate Canada

  1. It’s always a treat to see a gorgeous hat style differently!
    Though I don’t feel that the outfit is quite a success. For me there is something of the clinic/ laboratory/ kitchen about a collarless, high-neck white jacket, with white buttons, worn fully closed. (Even though white looks so good on HM!) The white gloves continue the air of hygienic precaution.
    And the different coloured parts don’t appear as connected as they could be. The hat, which is thrown into the spotlight by the white jacket, could do with being balanced by a darker colour elsewhere in the ensemble. The black bag and shoes are on the right track here, and would look especially effective if the gloves were black as well.
    But overall I think the outfit is a great change of pace for HM.

  2. The brooch seems a rather extravagant gift to a woman who owns so much jewelry. I assume it was paid for with taxpayer money and while I am not one to complain about how much the Royals cost the taxpayer, this gift doesn’t seem appropriate.

  3. I like this version with the short jacket very much. How odd, though, that the Queen should wear the same dress and hat twice within two or so years to Canada House! It isn’t as though she goes there so often that loads of others have also been worn there. The jacket may have been chosen to change the look, but given that the Queen has plenty of choice, going for it at all just seems strange – quite likely there are still people working at Canada House who would remember what the Queen wore a couple of years ago, since I think one tends to remember visits by the Queen…

    I’m also interested in the colours of this outfit. It’s clear (at least looking back at previous wearings) that the flowers on the dress are a more turquoisey shade than the hat (and previous coat). I’d have thought that with removing the coat that ties the outfit together, the mismatched blues might stand out. In fact, I think the shades go very well together, at least with the white jacket intervening.

  4. Love the white jacket style better than a long coat for this summery hat. The jacket is more uplifting. This is her shade of blue.

  5. A mix and match is most unusual for HM, but I like it! The blues don’t quite match, but she looks fab and very summery.

  6. While the jacket makes a nice change, I do prefer the blue coat because the hat picks up the darker shade in the flowers where a slightly lighter blue is dominant. The hat makes more sense when the matching blue coat is worn. Also, the Queen’s pearls seem quite yellow on the pure white jacket. An open collar would have helped with that.

  7. A delightful change from matching coat to white jacket. It changes the entire look of the outfit. The cornflower blue is such a pretty colour. And, the gift from Canada, what a stunner!

  8. I’m glad to see this hat back out again. I personally prefer it with the blue coat; I like the idea of this short jacket for something different (and to not be so matchy), but I wish it had a more open collar to show the dress on the top, tying the hat to her outfit more, or HM had worn a plain white dress to really color block.

  9. The jacket is surprising and just right. The hat looks more integrated into the outfit when we get to see the dress.

  10. I think it is a great look overall! I wonder if she wore the white coat vs the cornflower blue because today the Cambridges arrived to Germany and the Duchess was wearing a cornflower blue coat. The focus was to be on Canada for Her Majesty, so I imagine she would not want it to look too coordinated with an emphasis on Germany?

    It really is a great hat though! And that brooch! Beautiful!

    • My guess is that the jacket was swapped out to create a lighter outfit suitable for hot weather. I can’t imagine she’d know what colours Kate would wear each day but maybe I’m naive about this…

      • Personally I doubt if there is coordination for different royals making appearances in totally different countries just so that the colors match in the press coverage. There may be coordination among the royal ladies who appear together at the same engagement, but if that’s the case, I would imagine that the lesser royals would coordinate to the Queen rather than vice versa.

        That being said, I like both the blue coat and the white jacket equally well with the hat, but it’s also the change from black to white gloves that makes today’s outfit look much more summery. (Also interesting to note that one of the previous wearings of the hat and dress was also to Canada House — I guess the switch of blue coat to white jacket made it not be the same outfit worn to the same place, which I understand is usually avoided.)

  11. This is a great look for HM. The hat looks lovely on her, and I like the white jacket. The new brooch is gorgeous, and it was a lovely gesture. I hope we see her wearing it soon..

    • The dress has always been worn with this hat, but usually with a full length blue coat. I suspect the coat was swapped out for this white jacket because of the weather.

  12. I like today’s outfit of Her Majesty very much, and the new brooch is magnificent! Somewhat sad that it was the last appointment together with Price Philip. Actually, the couple seem to have enjoyed it thouroughly.

  13. I think Her Majesty looks fabulous. Love the hat. This brilliant blue is always a good hat colour on HM. The trim is just right too. Love the jacket (I have wished for this moment for a long while, along with others I am sure). Love the dress — seeing so much of the dress! And, yes, I see exactly what you mean HQ how it makes the hat the focal point. Even the ever present black bag and shoes work a treat with this outfit. A clear winner. She looks so well too which is always reassuring. How about that brooch. Magnificent. Thank you.

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