Princess Alexandra Visits Hospital

Yesterday, Princess Alexandra visited The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJAH) to open their new Theatre and Oncology Building. Along with meeting staff and patients, she presented a nursing medal of service and unveiled a sculpture of a peacock, a tribute to Percy, a popular feathered hospital resident. For this event, she repeated a natural straw hat with tall, Pork Pie shaped crown and short cartwheel brim, swathed in a widely woven net tulle veil. At its first outing, bright sun made this hat appear to be white but yesterday’s view clearly shows is closer to the hue of natural straw.


8 thoughts on “Princess Alexandra Visits Hospital

  1. It’s so rare to see tulle netting on a pith helmet! Lol. Maybe not my favorite from this Princess, but props for showing up in a hat!

  2. I like the shape of the hat and the tulle/net. I am not as fond of the color but it does go better with this outfit than the green and white outfit she first wore it with.

  3. Princess Alexandra’s hats often look a bit too big to me. Perhaps she wears them larger to avoid the worst of the “hat hair” when she takes them off!

  4. I like the color – but the size/shape lends me to think it’s a bit of a pail on her head – I like the above comment about it being reminiscent of a pith helmet!

  5. Not fond of the hat, which seem somehow to call to mind a particularly dainty pith helmet, but the princess’s outfit is otherwise unexceptionable. She looks, in fact, both lovely and professional.

  6. She looks amazing, quite lovely. It all works for her. I can’t think of anything I dislike about this outfit.

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