Swedish Royals Attend Opening Of Parliament

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden were joined by their children this morning for the Opening of Parliament. The day’s events began with an interdenominational service at the Church of St. Nicholas which was followed by the opening ceremony of the new Swedish parliamentary session held at the Riksdagen in Stockholm. In keeping with tradition, the royal family adhered to a black and white dress code. Queen Silvia wore a white felt calot hat with small feather trim at the back.

Designer: unknown. My guess is Kerstin Carlefalk. 
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

Princess Victoria wore a headpiece of overlayed black and white butterflies of different sizes. At first glance, I thought it was a repeat of the headpiece she wore to this same event one year ago ( a similar stacked black and white bow) but this one, while equally twee, is different.

Crown Princess VIctoria, September 15, 2015 in Malinda Damgaard | Royal Hats

Princess Madeleine and Crown Princess Victoria, September 15, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: Malinda Damgaard
Previously Worn: I believe this headpiece is new. 

Princess Madeleine, who popped over from her new home in London for the event, wore a felt percher cocktail hat trimmed in black feathers and a large silk bloom. We have not seen Madeleine wear a hat for a long time and I thought this piece looked very sophisticated on her and worked wonderfully with her upswept hair. 

 Princess Madeleine, September 15, 2015 | Royal Hats  Princess Madeleine, September 15, 2015 | Royal Hats

Princess Madeleine, September 15, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: unconfirmed. Maybe Philip Treacy?
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Sofia anchored her chignon with another black fascinator made up of straw leaves and curling feathers. Sofia wears the piece well and I suppose, is taking a gentle approach to building her millinery wardrobe. Hopefully, we’ll see her in a brimmed hat, soon.

Princess Sofia, September 15, 2015 | Royal Hats  Princess Sofia, September 15, 2015 | Royal Hats

Princess Sofia and Princess Madeleine, September 15, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This piece is new
The black and white dress code at this event creates elegantly unified fashion for the Swedish royals. My favourite hat, by great surprise, was the one worn by Princess Madeleine. Which one was your favourite?
Photos from Getty as indicated; David Sica via Expressen; Stella Pictures;  All Over Press; IBL; Olle Sporrong and Stella/ Robert Eklund via Expressen 

Scandinavian Monarchs Install Bishops

On Sunday, the monarchs of Denmark and Sweden each attended the installation of bishops in their countries. Queen Margrethe of Denmark was present at the installation of Henrik Wigh-Poulsen as bishop of Aarhus, resplendent in the mint green bumper hat she first wore for her birthday earlier this year. These photos shoe the lovely curled detail on the side of this bumper hat’s brim, a wonderfully creative touch that I think sets this hat apart. My only concern is that Margrethe seems as excited about this hat as I am (it has been worn four times since April)…  I just hope we don’t see it too often.

Queen Margrethe, September 6, 2015 | Royal Hats Queen Margrethe, September 6, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 5, 2015May 23, 2014April 16, 2015

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia were at Upsala Cathedral on Sunday for the ordinations of Mikael Mogren as bishop of Västerås and Johan Dalman as bishop of Strängnäs. Queen Silvia repeated her turquoise straw pillbox hat for the occasion. It’s a simple hat that elevated to greatness thanks to its fantastic colour.

Queen Silvia, September 6, 2015 | Royal Hats Queen Silvia, September 6, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: May 11, 2015September 15, 2013

I think both of these hats are prime examples of small-scale millinery done very well. What do you think?

Photos from Jens Thaysen via Stiften and Sven-Olof Ahlgren via UNT.se

Scandinavian Crown Princess Join Forces For Climate Change

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway raised awareness for climate change on Saturday, participating in a pilgrimage between Halden, Norway and Strømstad, Sweden. The two princesses met in Halden and walked to Elgåfossen, a waterfall on the border between the two Scandinavian countries. There, Mette-Marit filled a bottle with water on the Norwegian side of the border bridge, then passed it across the border to Victoria on the Swedish side. For this event, Victoria looked casually chic in a cream straw fedora hat trimmed with a simple navy band around the base of the crown. She looks great in this style and a fedora seemed just right for this occasion.

Designer: unknown. My guess is Borsalino
Photos from Getty as indicated

Birthday of Crown Princess Victoria

Royal HatsCrown Princess Victoria of Sweden celebrates her 38th birthday today.  I want to send our best wishes for her health and happiness along with suggestions of hats we would most like to see her repeat in the coming year. My pick is a simple black straw picture hat we she wore last June for the ordination of Archbishop Antje Jackeléns, the fist female archbishop in Sweden. It is a simple hat but the scale is lovely on Victoria and she wears it very well. What hat would you like to see her repeat this year?

 Crown Princess Victoria, June 15, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 17, 2014; December 10, 2013

Photo from AOP

Greek Royal Wedding 20 Years On: Royal Guests

The wedding of a crown prince of any nation is usually cause for a major royal celebration. While Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, Prince of Denmark did not marry in either of the nations where he holds princely title, his wedding to Marie-Chantal Miller on July 1, 1995 was a grand event nonetheless.

Along with the queens on the groom’s side of the family (Queen Anne-Marie, Queen Margrethe and Queen Sofia), Queen Elizabeth, Queen Silvia of Sweden, Queen Noor of Jordan and Grand Duchess Josephine of Luxembourg all attended this event. Queen Elizabeth wore a very pretty lavender hat with pleated straw crown while Queen Silvia wore a pink picture hat with white pleated crin brim. Grand Duchess Josephine topped her graphic black and white striped suit with a white straw hat with gently curved brim.

Queen Noor wore a white straw hat in the shape of an oversize cloche. The bell brim was further enlarged by a huge bow at the back of the hat. Of all the hats worn at this wedding, I think think this one is most ‘stuck’ in the millinery fashion of the time.Queen Noor, July 1, 1995 | Royal HatsPrincess Maria Teresa, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (as she was known then) wore a beige silk headband with bow at the side while Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, who was still a teenager, wore a large white hat with squared crown and wide upturned stripe of black straw around the brim.
Hereditary Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats Crown Princess Victoria, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats
Princess Alexandra of Kent wore a  pale green hat with tall crown trimmed with a mass of green feathers around the base of the crown. It is a style of hat we see on Alexandra still today and one that is just so quintessentially her. tThe Duchess of Marlborough topped her sky blue suit and lacy blouse with a white hat wrapped in pleated swaths of organdie. I believe Princess Michael of Kent was also in attendance although I have been unable to locate a photo of her hat.
Princess Alexandra of Kent, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats  Duchess of Marlborough, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats
Empress Farah of Iran and her daughter-in-law Princess Yasmin, both wore hats trimmed with large bows. While Farah’s hat had a square crown and larger crown than Yasmine’s hat, which had a smaller cartwheel shaped brim, I think both hats are perfect examples of 1990s millinery fashion.
Empress Farah and Princess Yasmine, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats
Princess Marina of Savoy (now Princess of Naples) memorably wore a large navy picture hat trimmed with a wide swath of coordinating feathers. The hat on its own is a bold look but paired with her feather hemmed dress, is almost beyond description. In comparison, the Duchess of Bragança, who had married the Duke earlier in 1995, was more conservatively dressed in a pistachio green suit and matching floral trimmed hat.
Princess Marina of Savoy,  July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats Duchess of Bragança,  July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats
Queen Margarita of Bulgaria wore an interesting domed hat in natural straw trimmed by a slim burgundy ruffle near the top of the crown. Her daughter-in-law Carla, the Princess of Panagyurishte, wore a simple cream straw hat.
Queen Marie,  July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats 1995-01-07 Pavlos & MC wedding 54
The Princess of Vidin topped a pale blue and brown flowered suit with a chocolate straw hat. The brim on the front of the hat was curled back to the crown, leaving a halo around her face. Rosario, The Princess of Preslav, wore a large straw picture hat. With a beige square crown and white curved brim, edged in a wide beige stripe, the hat coordinated well with Rosario’s beige and white Valentino dress. Princess Kalina, who attended with Prince Laurent of Belgium, wore a characteristically unusual outfit, pairing a floppy natural straw picture hat with an embroidered, slinky bias cut dress.
That concludes our look back at the Greek Royal Wedding! I am most curious to hear your thoughts on the hats worn by these royal guests. And, I’m sure you join me in wishing Crown Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal a very happy 20th anniversary.
Photos from The Royal Forums and Getty as indicated

Hats From the Past

Royal Hats On July 1, 1923, this photo was taken of Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark (left) and Princess Margarita of Greece of Greece and Demark (right) with their aunt, Lady Louise Mountbatten. Lady Louise married the widowed Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf of Sweden months after this photo was taken and years later, became Queen of Sweden. The two teenage princesses, daughters of Prince Andrew of Greece and thus, older sisters of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh (who would have been just two years old at the time), both married German princes in 1931. The trio of hats are truly wonderful, aren’t they?!

Lady Louise Mountbatten with Princesses Princess Theodora and Margarita of Greece and Denmark  July 1, 1923  | Royal Hats

Photo from PA Images

Swedish Royal Wedding

Royal Hats

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist were married yesterday at the Royal Chapel in the Royal Palace in Stockholm. While this was the final Swedish royal wedding for a generation, it was a smaller, quieter affair with more personal touches than grand fanfare. Here is a review of the headpieces and tiaras that attended this event and a look at the formal wedding portraits.

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, June 13, 2015

The Bridal Couple

Swedish Royals
Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine, Princess Estelle

Extended Swedish Royals
Princess Margaretha, Princess Birgitte, Princess Désirée, Princess Christina, Désirée von Bohlen und Halbach,
Countess Marianne Bernadotte of Wisborg and Countess Bettina Bernadotte of Wisborg

Danish Royals
Queen Margrethe, Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie

Norwegian Royals
Queen Sonja, Crown Princess Mette-Marit Princess Märtha Louise

Guests from Other Reigning Royal Families
Queen Mathilde, Queen Máxima, the Countess of Wessex,
Princess Hisako of Takamado

Guests from Non- Reigning Royal Families
Princess Tatiana of Greece
Princess Ursula of Bavaria, Princess Anna of Bavaria

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, June 13, 2015

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, June 13, 2015

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, June 13, 2015 Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, June 13, 2015