Birthday Celebration Of Swedish King: Extended Family

It was no surprise that birthday celebrations for King Carl Gustaf this weekend included attendance by members of the extended Swedish Royal Family, many of whom wore hats and headpieces for the daytime events.

Princess Christina topped her blue jacquard suit with a feathered flower fascinator in the same hue. It’s not the most exciting of headpieces (I suppose it does have a festive vibe that fits well with this celebration) although the colour is lovely against her hair.

Princess Christina and Emma Magnuson, April 30, 2016 | Royal Hats  Princess Christina, April 30, 2016 | Royal Hats

Princess Christina’s three daughter-in-laws all wore cocktail percher hats. Emma Magnuson (seen above and below) chose a grey straw beret based piece with multiple bow loops and a soaring ribbon tail that coordinated with her grey lace skirt. Frida Bergström (below right) topped her floral dress with a white-rimmed grey saucer hat trimmed in silk roses while Vicky Magnuson (lower photo) wore a pale pink cocktail hat with beret base trimmed with a large bow and net tulle veil. Although the pink hat errs on the saccharine side of the spectrum, I thought it was a light and airy compliment to her navy dress.

Vicky Magnuson and Frida Bergström, April 30, 2016 | Royal Hats

Vicky Magnuson, April 30, 2016 | Royal Hats

Princess Birgitte, who I can’t remember wearing a hat in a very long time, surprised in this round grey percher design. With sharp white piping and a bedazzled button anchoring two large feather spines, the hat is bold and decidedly modern. I’m not sure grey was the best colour for Princess Birgitte but I’m going to ignore this quibble since she’s actually in a hat.

Princess Brigitte, April 30, 2016 | Royal Hats Princess Brigitte and Viky Magnuson, April 30, 2016 Photo taken by Sofia Svanholm | Royal Hats

Princess Birgitte’s daughter, Désirée von Bohlen und Halbach, photographed below with her mother and aunts, wore a pale taupe fascinator of straw and silk bow loops trimmed with feathers.

Princess Désirée von Bohlen und Halbach, Désirée von Bohlen und Halbach, Princess Brigitte and Princess Christina, April 30, 2016 Photo taken by Sofia Svanholm | Royal Hats

The King’s other two sisters, Princess Margaretha and Princess Désirée (seen above in the yellow dress), did not wear hats for this event. His aunt, Countess Marianne Bernadotte of Wisborg, attended in a gold brocade suit that she paired with an elaborate fascinator. Made up of large silk blooms and arrow trimmed gold feathers, the piece topped off a wonderfully regal and rather luxurious ensemble.

Countess Marianne Bernadotte of Wisborg, April 30, 2016 Photo taken by Sofia Svanholm | Royal Hats
Finally, Maline Sommerlath (wife of Queen Silvia’s nephew Patrick Sommerlath), wore an ecru straw fascinator made up of multiple bows and coordinating feather trim. The amazing pleated yellow and white hat worn by Princess Hisako of Takamado is something we’ll discuss more in the next post as we look at the hats worn by royal guests.
Maline Sommerlath, April 30, 2016 Photo taken by Sofia Svanholm | Royal Hats
While none of the King’s extended family wore pieces as large or dramatic as his wife and daughters, this group includes some lovely pieces. Which ones here stand out to you?
Special thanks to Sofia Svanholm for giving permission to sharing her fantastic photos of this event. I encourage you to peek at her blog and gallery of photos taken this weekend.
Photos from Getty as indicated; TT/Stella, SVT1 Screen shots and Sofia Svanholm 

Birthday Celebration Of Swedish King

Festivities for the 70th birthday of King Carl Gutaf IX continued today with schedule of daytime events that included a Te Deum Thanksgiving Service at the Royal Palace, Armed Forces tribute, choral tribute and cortege, and lunch hosted by the City of Stockholm.

As expected, the day’s events saw new millinery worn by the Swedish royal ladies. Queen Silvia wore a large picture hat with mushroom-shaped brim in pale pink straw. The hat’s small, rounded crown was trimmed in a ring of pink silk that knotted at the side into a flying silk and straw bow. It’s a much larger hat than we’re used to seeing on Silvia but the size seemed to convey the importance of the occasion.

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Crown Princess Victoria topped her striped dress and white coat with a white straw hat. The hat featured an angular , off-centred peak at the top of the crown (very similar to this hat), and a diagonally upfolded brim. A pleated band of black patent leather finished the piece, circling round the base of the crown and ending in an elaborate ringed knot at the side. The angular lines of the piece work well on Victoria and while I didn’t like the hat in combination with the coat, it’s a great topper to her striped dress. We can’t forget wee Prince Oscar, who made his official début in a blue knitted cap.

Designer: Philip Treacy desicn OC-153 from SS 2016
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Sofia topped her pale pink dress and white coat with a headpiece of silk roses and pale green velvet leaves. While she undoubtedly is focused these days on her brand new son, Prince Alexander, I would have preferred to see her in something more than these few faux blooms.

Princess Sofia, April 30, 2016 | Royal Hats   Princess Sofia, April 30, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new. 

The other ‘blooming’ hat at this event was worn by Princess Madeleine. Her percher hat featured a sculptured saucer in black straw edged in white windowpane sinamay. The tall, fluted side of the hat was trimmed with huge silk cabbage roses in the same pale pink as her coat. This is a far more bold and dramatic hat than Madeleine usually chooses and it would have been a home run without those two unfortunately placed black appliqué flowers on the neckline of her dress. How I want to take a scissors to those things.

Designer: Philip Treacy design OC-109 from SS 2016
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Such large, hatted events happen only a few times per year and it is wonderful to see the spirit of fun and celebration that was undoubtedly part of the day, also visible in these hats. Which ones stood out to you?

Swedish Royals Welcome New Prince

On Friday, a Te Deum was held in the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace to celebrate the arrival of Prince Alexander, son of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia. The baby’s grandmother, Queen Silvia, repeated her pleated white straw calot hat with back bow and white net veil for the occasion. Calots work so well on Queen Silvia and while I might have preferred something in a warmer colour with her ecru suit, this piece worked well enough.

Queen Silvia, April 22, 2016 in Mode Rosa | Royal Hats  Queen Silvia, April 22, 2016 in Mode Rosa | Royal Hats

Designer: Mode Rosa
Previously Worn: June 6, 2014; September 8, 2013May 10, 2013; April 16, 2013 

Crown Princess Victoria wore the most unusual piece of the day, a giant double bow fascinator in pale pink straw. I have been trying to think of something nice to say about this piece…. and I cannot. Before I set off on a tirade about how juvenile, costumey and downright horrible this piece is, let me say that Victoria’s lace dress and pink coat are lovely. If only she had paired a different hat (such as this wonderful Philip Treacy picture hat) with them.

Crown Princess Victoria, April 22, 2016 | Royal Hats  Crown Princess Victoria, April 22, 2016 | Royal Hats

Crown Princess Victoria, April 22, 2016 | Royal Hats  Crown Princess Victoria, April 22, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown. Coat from LK Bennett, blouse and skirt from Baum und Pferdgarten
Previously Worn: This piece is new
Countess Marianne Bernadotte was colourfully dressed in a red bumper hat to match her red and navy suit. The hat, with its low crown and rolled brim, was simply trimmed with a navy veil. While I don’t particularly like the ensemble, it coordinates well and the hat shape and scale works nicely with Marianne’s hairstyle.
Countess Marianne Bernadotte, April 22, 2016 | Royal Hats  Countess Marianne Bernadotte, April 22, 2016 | Royal Hats
Princess Sofia’s sisters Lina Frejd and Sara Hellqvist (photographed with their grandmother, below) both wore tiny headpieces (hair ornaments, really). Their mother, Marie Hellqvist, did not wear a hat.
 Lina Frejd and Sara Hellqvist, April 22, 2016 | Royal Hats
I am afraid that the hats and giant hair bow at this happy event left me disappointed. Thankfully, we have the christenings of both Prince Oscar and Prince Alexander to look forward to. I suspect both, as other recent christenings have done, will showcase some wonderful millinery. What did you think of these royal hats in Sweden?

Photos from Getty as indicated; Pontus Lundahl / TT News Agency; GTRESonline; Stella Pictures

Swedish Royals Welcome New Prince

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden welcomed a healthy baby boy yesterday. The birth of Prince Oscar Carl Olof was celebrated this morning with a traditional Te Deum mass in the chapel of the Royal Palace in Stockholm. For this event, Queen Silvia wore a royal blue suit topped with a black straw headpiece that circled round the crown of her head. While I’m not a fan of open crown pieces, this headpiece looks great on Silvia (from the front!) and was an excellent compliment to her patterned suit.

Queen Silvia, March 3, 2016 | Royal Hats

While Princess Madeleine did not wear a hat, Princess Sofia topped her grey dress with a new coordinating calot trimmed with floral lace appliqué and a birdcage veil, designed by Malinda Damgaard. The colour contrast is lovely against Sofia’s dark hair and made for a very polished ensemble.

Princess Sofia, March 3, 2016 in Malinda Damgaard | Royal Hats  Princess Sofia, March 3, 2016 in Malinda Damgaard | Royal Hats

Countess Maryanne Bernadotte (below, far right) wore an ecru hat with cuff brim and tulle net veil trim. This hat seems a little slouchy and informal from far away but I’ll reserve full judgement until we can get a closer look.

Swedish Royal Family, March 3, 2016 | Royal Hats

Prince Daniel’s mother and sister both wore neutral toned fascinators. I can’t imagine it is easy for non-royals to dress for shared-family royal occasions such as this and these pieces fit the bill.

Eva Westling, March 3, 2016 | Royal Hats Anna Westling, March 3, 2016 | Royal Hats

Undoubtedly, this was a happy celebration for the family and  I’m sure you’ll all join me in extending heartfelt congratulations to Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and big sister Princess Estelle on the safe arrival of the wee prince.

Swedish Royal Family, March 3, 2016 | Royal Hats

Photos from All Over Press/IBL and Stella Pictures

Christening of Prince Christian, Ten Years Later

Royal Hats  Ten years ago today, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary brought their three month old son to be christened at Christiansborg Palace Chapel.  While it was widely expected that the wee prince’s name would follow the Danish royal tradition of alternating between the names Christian and Frederick for males in direct line to the throne, his name was not announced (as per another Danish royal tradition) until the christening ceremony. As such, royal watchers around the world tuned in to the christening to see what the little prince’s name would be. Prince Christian Valdemar Henri John did not disappoint, cooing to his mother during the service and crying heartily during the act of baptism. He was dressed in the same lace christening gown and cap used for Danish royal christenings since it was made for Christian X in 1870.

Prince Christian, January 21, 2006 | Royal Hats

Crown Princess Marty topped her Hugo Boss silk dress and blue jacket with a fluted floral headpiece in cream silk by Malene Birger that she would later repeat for the christenings of her other children. While this headpiece’s pairing with this ensemble still feels a little off balance to me, the very pretty piece is beautiful against Mary’s dark hair and added the right amount of delicate softness for this very personal event.

Crown Princess Mary, January 21, 2006 in Malene Birger | Royal Hats

Crown Princess Mary, January 21, 2006 in Malene Birger | Royal Hats


Crown Princess Mary, January 21, 2006 in Malene Birger | Royal Hats   Crown Princess Mary, January 21, 2006 in Malene Birger | Royal Hats

Queen Margrethe wore a royal blue felt hat with rounded crown and asymmetrical upturned brim. The hat was trimmed in bias piping cut from the same fabric as her striped suit and a spray of soaring royal blue feathers. The scale of the hat was wonderful on Margrethe and the bright colour balanced her dark suit very well.

Princess Mary’s stepmother, Susan Moody, also topped her grey suit with a vibrant hat. In red felt, the design loosely followed the shape of a cloche with a tall crown and short, bell shaped brim. In a modern twist, the squared crown of the design raised in a slight peak on one side, lending a very chic shape to the piece.

It was no surprise that Frederik and Mary turned to royal cousins for Prince Christian’s godparents. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway wore a simple burgundy silk headband tied at the side while and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden wore a simple hat in cafe au lait coloured straw with a rounded crown and upturned brim.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit, January 21, 2006 | Royal Hats   Crown Princess Victoria, January 21, 2006 | Royal Hats

Prince Christian’s other godmother is Princess Mary’s sister Jane Stephens who wore a striking hat in aubergine felt with a square crown and short cartwheel brim. A metallic band and buckle around the base of the hat’s crown completed it.
Jane Stephens, January 21, 2006| Royal Hats

Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Prince Joachim of Denmark were also included as godparents.

 Royal Christening, January 21, 2006| Royal Hats

I am always curious to hear your thoughts about the ‘staying power’ of royal hat designs a decade later. Which designs feel relevant to you today? Which ones do you think are best left in the past?
For a look at the hats worn by numerous other royal guests at this event, jump over to this post. 

Norwegian Silver Jubilee Part 2

Celebrations for King Harald’s Silver Jubilee on Sunday continued after the worship service with an afternoon of winter activities for all ages held in the Palace Square. The event, which was at the King and Queen’s specific request, featured cross-country ski trails, hills for snowboarding and ski jumping, an ice slide, biathlon laser rifle targets and areas for ski play. The entire Norwegian royal family changed into sporting clothes and joined in the fun.

After a quick change, the family walked from the Palace Square to the Aula of the University of Oslo where they were met by Prime Minister Erna Solberg and enjoyed a gala concert featuring a wide array of Norwegian artists. Queen Sonja wore a beautiful royal blue cape edged in black fur with a matching fur hat. Controversy about fur aside, the simple shape of the hat was a perfect compliment to the glorious cape and the two pieces looked fantastic on the queen.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new. 
Crown Princess Mette Marit and her three children all bundled up in warm knit winter hats.

17 Jan 2016, Oslo, Norway --- Oslo, 17-01-2016 Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Princess Ingrid Alexandra, Prince Sverre Magnus, Marius Borg Høiby and Princess Märtha Louise 25th anniversary of the ascension to the Norwegian throne of Their Majesties King Harald and Queen Sonja The Royal Family attends the events at The Palace Square (Slottsplassen) RPE/Albert Nieboer/Netherlands OUT - NO WIRE SERVICE - --- Image by © Albert Nieboer/dpa/Corbis

Princess Märtha Louise wore a simple navy headpiece with large multi-leafed flower at the side. As far as fascinators go, it’s an attractive piece that she wore well.

UPDATE: Eagle eyed reader Royalwatcher227 recognized this piece as one previously worn by Princess Mette-Marit. I’m not sure why but knowing that the piece is shared between these sister-in-laws makes me like it a little more.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn by Princess Mette-Marit: May 9, 2014May 30, 2011; March 4, 2006

Queen Margrethe and Queen Silvia wore the same hats they wore in the morning while King Carl Gustaf added a dapper black fedora.

Royal Jubilee in Noway 25th anniversary of the ascension to the Norwegian throne of Thei

The day’s festivities completed with a formal dinner held at the Royal Castle in Oslo that yielded these wonderful photos.
I admire the sense of fun and family that was included in this anniversary. The informality of the event did not lend itself to a parade of fantastic hats but it seems that the King and Queen celebrated and were celebrated in a way that was characteristically them. My favourite hat of the day was Queen Sonja’s fur hat and cape combination- which one did you like most?

Norwegian Silver Jubilee Part 1

Scandinavian royals gathered in Oslo over the weekend to celebrate King Harald’s Silver Jubilee. After a dinner hosted by the Crown Prince and Princess at their home on Saturday night (see a group photo here), the commemoration continued on Sunday morning with a worship service held in the Palace Chapel (watch the complete service here).

Queen Sonja repeated the black calot hat she wore for the Nobel Peace Prize in December, adding a small diamond brooch to the side of the brim. It’s a simple hat that allows her luscious purple velvet Pucci jacket to shine and works especially well with Sonja’s hairstyle. I also think the dotted net tulle veil adds a note of formality that was needed at this milestone event.

Queen Sonja, January 17, 2016 | Royal Hats Queen Sonja, January 17, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: December 10, 2015
Crown Princess Mette Marit topped her tailored cream coat with a blue silk headband decorated with jewels in a flower motif. The ribbon incorporated into her braided hairstyle and trailed down her back. While there is uncertainty if Mette-Marit’s lack of millinery over the past seven years is linked to her neck injury in 2008 (and might explain her use of headbands instead of hats), I don’t think this piece worked and wish she had gone with one of her go-to pillboxes instead. Between the messily trailing ribbons and an overkill combination of headband and lapel brooches which completely cluttered a beautifully streamlined coat, I’m left looking at this ensemble and wondering, “Why?”

Crown Princess Mette-Marit, January 17, 2016 | Royal Hats Crown Princess Mette-Marit, January 17, 2016 | Royal Hats Crown Princess Mette-Marit, January 17, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: The floral brooches are from Prada’s AW 2015 collection

Princess Märtha Louise followed her sister-in-law’s headband lead and wore a ribbon headpiece of stacked black silk bows. While I don’t want to disrespect whatever design process went into this piece, I have to wonder if someone took the bow off a wrapped gift, stuck it to the side of her head and called it a completed headpiece. We know that Märtha Louise has an interesting black cocktail hat or two in her millinery closet and I wish she had chosen one of them instead.

Princess Märtha Louise, January 17, 2016 | Royal Hats Princess Märtha Louise, January 17, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: November 15, 2014
Princess Astrid topped her royal blue suit with a cozy cream fur (or faux fur?) hat with brown stripes.  It’s not my favourite hat in the world but alas, it is a hat.

2016-01-17 silver jubilee 16 2016-01-17 silver jubilee 15

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I do not believe this is new

Queen Margrethe repeated the rimmed saucer hat with white fur knotted bow from her own Ruby Jubilee. It’s a wonderful hat tailor made for grand winter Scandinavian events such as this and she wears it so very, very well.

Queen Silvia repeated the purple silk covered calot she first wore last summer. In a twist from its last outing, she turned the hat slightly, placing the black feather trim at the side (instead of at the back as it was for its début). I think it is a  successful move, giving the smooth piece some much needed texture and contrast.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: May 31, 2015
After the church service, the Norwegian royal family joined in a number of winter activities in Palace Square. We’ll look at those (along with a few more hats) later today. In the meantime, dearest readers, it’s clear that my thoughts on these hats run both hot and cold. Which pieces stood out most to you?