‘New’ Hat From the Past #15

Royal Hats to August 15 thirty years ago and a natty straw boater Queen Elizabeth wore in Scotland (the bottom photo shows its previous wearing on a February 1986 tour of Nepal). Veering toward the costumey side of the spectrum (she looks ready to take your deli order), it’s a fun piece that wraps up our first week of older hats that I don’t recall seeing before. How many of these hats were familiar to you?

Photo from Getty as indicated

‘New’ Hat From the Past #14

Royal Hats to July 27, 1990 and Queen Elizabeth’s visit to the QEII, her namesake Cuinard cruise ship. Her aqua silk covered bumper hat is wrapped in a navy dotted net veil and there appears to be a carnival of green and aqua ruffles and puffs of navy veil that adorn the top. Memorable, this one is (she also wore it for Trooping the Colour a month earlier, as shown in the bottom two photographs), I still don’t remember seeing it before. Do any of you recall this hat?

‘New’ Hat From the Past #13

Royal Hats to August 1994 and a bright yellow straw hat with split, raised side brim and a spray of flowers and leaves worn in British Columbia, Canada (and repeated in August 1997, as shown in the bottom picture taken in Aberdeen, Scotland). It paired far better with the dress than with the dark coat, don’t you think?

‘New’ Hat From the Past #10

Royal Hats to June 1988 and a blue straw hat with floral trim that Queen Elizabeth wore for Trooping the Colour. The shape and styling of this hat seems so contemporary from the angle it’s seen here that it is hard to believe it was worn nearly 30 years ago.

‘New’ Hat From the Past #9

Royal Hats to August 6, 1992 and another start to Her Majesty’s summer holiday aboard the royal yacht Britannia. For her arrival in Portsmouth this day, Queen Elizabeth wore a rounded beanie/pillbox hat in white straw with a large bow at the back, accented with a wide cuff and top circle of the same black, green and white printed fabric as her suit. This hat is unlike anything I can remember her wearing before or since- do any of you remember it?